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Water safety Sign

Our sign was inspired by the need for a product that speaks directly to a young child, empowering him to make safer choices. Our hope and our goal is for the sign to be used first as a tool in teaching young children water safety rules, and secondly, when installed at a pool gate or dock entry, etc. to serve as a visual reminder for the child to follow the rules he has learned. Even a non-reader can recognize a STOP sign by its bold red color, octagon shape, and the letters

S-T-O-P. The design for the JHMF sign is intended to communicate to a pre-reader to STOP and ask himself:

  1. ​Do I have my grown-up?
  2. Am I wearing my life vest?
  3. Am I being safe around water?

We believe a sign like this one may have prevented Jack from going on the dock alone that day. It is to be an additional tool in water safety education and one of multiple layers of protection against drowning in the event a child wanders near water without an adult.


Stop Think Before You Swim Sign

The JHMF Water Safety Sign

The JHMF Water Safety sign is available for purchase, locally in Brunswick County, NC or through our website. Each sign is 10″x 10″ aluminum with UV laminate to protect from fading by the sun. Signs are $25 plus shipping (USPS Priority Mail). The purchase of each sign helps fund our mission of providing water safety education and swim lessons.


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